The Redemption

The Redemption

Temporary Love

Permanent Lust,

Spiritual Pain

Sexual Pleasure,

      Adult Innocence

  Childhood Rape,

Drug Insertion

Internet Ejaculation,

Tearful Happiness

Smile of Sorrow,

Ugly Dimples

Beautiful Redemption,

True Story

False Allegation,

Gentle Wave

Rough Seas,

Intentional Insults

Accidental Praises,

Silly Thoughts

Intelligent People,

Sweet Tooth

Bitter Truth,

Terrible Sight

Lovely Eyes,

Trustworthy Gun

Cheating Rose…


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  1. You have played with words and it is an excellent piece! It talks about the irony of life and the darker side of the picture that coexists with the bright, happy, carefree life. Behind the doors, behind the closed curtains, the silence, those moments of agony that no one knows.

    I just loved reading it!


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